It would be really nice if we could make major life changes with little effort and willpower.

When we set big goals that require sudden or drastic changes to our daily lives, we set ourselves up for failures, frustrations, and disappointments.

We might stick to work on our big goals for a week or two, but they seldom last long enough for the change we want to see in our lives. So, we just give up.

I have seen many people setting big weight loss goals, and fitness goals, etc. as their New Year's resolutions.

We need to understand that extreme goals that require extreme behavioral changes do not become enduring habits that stand the test of time. In moments of frustrations and disappointments, we quickly regress to our old habits because they're easier and they're what we're used to.

Think of all the people who sign up a gym membership. They get excited initially but after they hit a setback like a strain on their back or hurt a joint, they begin to question themselves their motive for joining the gym in the first place.

They tell themselves, "Why bother?", "I am not cut out for this." This is the reason why almost 70% of people who join a gym rarely set foot in it after the first month, and about 60% of people would quit their membership within 6 months of joining.

The same thing happens to most of us when it comes to weight loss. When we try to change our eating patterns drastically to lose those fats, we hit the wall. We tell ourselves, "We are destined to be fat." We give up and go back to our old and unhealthy eating habits that make us fat in the first place. We feel comfortable there.

One thing is certain, we need to change to improve our quality of life. We just need to give ourselves enough time and go SLOW.

In working with my clients, I've always told them to go SLOW and watch their progress.

"Slow and steady wins the race." is my motto to lasting and permanent change.

March 25, 2024 — Victoria Rose