Breathing is so automatic to us that we take it for granted. We have never been trained to know how to breathe, let alone to breathe well.

The yogic path of psychology offers a simple wisdom.

An important point in breathing is that whatever we focus on while breathing deeply, it becomes stronger within us.

In other words, what you breathe, you become.

Therefore, it is wise that you consciously focus on what you want more of in your life when you breathe deeply.

Doing so shall tune your mind and gravitate the necessary circumstances for the things that you want in your life to become a reality.

A word of caution - Focus on good thoughts and things only. This is because the tuning of your mind works both ways.

Therefore, focus on health, and you become healthy. Focus on wellness, and you become well.

It is this simple.

So, think good and breathe well.

You are what you breathe.
March 25, 2024 — Victoria Rose