Many people I know who want to lose some weight will inevitably think of jogging as a cardio exercise to lose those unwanted kilos.

But somehow most people I know stopped jogging after some time. Why?

Based on my personal experience in my weight-loss journey, I feel that focusing jogging to lose weight is tough for most people for the following 2 reasons.

  1. Jogging burns fewer calories than you may think. 
  2. Most people increased their total daily calorie intake after their jog.

How many calories does an hour of jogging burn?

The calorie burn rate in your jog differs from person to person. They depend on your current weight, your pace in your jog, your level of fitness, your endurance, and the terrain that you jog in, etc. 

Here are some tested statistics for you to consider. A 80-kg person running at a 10-minute pace per kilometer for 60 minutes will burn an average of 700 calories, while a 90-kg person running at the same time and pace will burn an average of 933 calories.

Let’s face it. If you are the 80-kg or 90-kg man or woman as mentioned above, you will find those tested statistics depressing. You would expect more calories burnt with your 1-hr hard work. But you are not alone in this misconception. 

Because of this misconception, I have also seen many joggers went to feast at a fast food restaurant after their jog and to reward themselves with burgers, fries, and soda drinks because they feel they “deserved” a nice treat after the 1-hr hard work.

This is where they got it wrong here.

A burger (95g) gives you about 250 calories, fries (100g) give you about 320 calories, a slice of pizza (100g) gives you about 350 calories, a 500ml soda drink gives you about 200 calories. That’s it. Your 1-hr hard work has just gone down the drain. Not only that, you would have put in more calories than you take out.

In a nutshell, jogging or any aerobic exercise to achieve calorie deficit as a way to lose weight requires a lot more discipline in your diet than in the exercise itself. Most people lack this important discipline to make their weight loss journey a success. I am sure you have come across someone who talks about health and yet keep eating junk foods and not exercising. 

Other benefits of jogging

Personally, I use jogging as a way to achieve the following 12 benefits. These are the benefits that keep me disciplined and motivated 3 times a week.

  1. Increased Lung Capacity
  2. Increased Heart Health
  3. Increased Mental Alertness
  4. Increased Joint Strength
  5. Increase Muscle Mass
  6. Increased Immune System
  7. Increased Bone Density
  8. Reduced Stress Levels
  9. Reduced Blood Pressure
  10. Maintain Healthy Weight
  11. Improved Memory and Cognitive Skills
  12. Preventing Depression

When I put my focus on these 12 benefits, I have lost weight and maintained my ideal weight as a result over the years. I don't feel the "pain" of jogging or exercising at all. In fact, I love it. 

Try it and see what jogging can do to your body and overall heath.

You have my best.

Victor Ang
Founder & CEO, Victoria Rose
February 01, 2023 — Victoria Rose