Most people do not hold their final yoga pose for at least 30 seconds.

In fact, most yoga instructors do not know the importance of holding each final pose for at least 30 seconds. They would just go from one pose to another very quickly. They call this a "FLOW."

But why 30 seconds?

Whenever you hold each of your final pose for at least 30 seconds or more, miracles happen.

1) You stimulate the Vagus Nerve which is the sensory pathway that is connected to receptors in every part of our body and organs, including the stomach.

2) Enzymes like Cholecystokinin, Adiponectin, and Ghrelin are secreted and they help speed up fat metabolism and decrease your desire to eat.

In addition, enzymes like Histamine, Gastrin, and Pepsinogen are secreted as well and they help increase digestion.

3) More Mitochondria will be produced and they help speed up glucose metabolism, controlling cell growth and cell death in organs, joints, tendons, ligaments, immune system, and the thyroid glands, etc.

4) Have a positive impact on telomere length and telomerase activity that helps maintain or even lengthen telomeres that are known to shorten with age and chronic stress.

5) Found to thicken the 5th cortical layer of the brain particularly in areas of the brain related to attention, sensory awareness, and self-regulation. These changes are linked to improvements in
cognitive function, emotional regulation, and stress resilience.

I understand it is not always easy to hold a final pose for 30 seconds or more in a yoga studio. But try doing this at home. I believe you will reap the same benefits as I have and please share with us your results if you will.

Thank you for reading this article.
March 25, 2024 — Victoria Rose