All of us have beliefs that get in our way to live a better, healthier, and happier life. These beliefs may come from our past experiences since our childhood days, or they may come from people we respect and trust, or they even come from books that we read (be careful of what you read).

Over time, we may just accept these self-defeating beliefs as “truths”, or “this is just me”. This is where these self-defeating beliefs have their strongholds on us.

For me, my self-defeating belief has been, “not enough time”. As such, I have developed an issue of wanting to get my tasks in hand done ASAP. I lack the patience to wait for things to happen. When someone is delaying me in my progress of getting something done, I will get annoyed with him or her. I will start to complain about his/her slow movement or blame the work process. People find it hard to work with me. I was much a loner. Yes. That was my previous ME…haha.

What are your self-defeating beliefs? Maybe you believe that you are "not good enough", or "not successful enough", or "not tall enough", or "not slim enough", or people are out there to "get you"?

Whatever your self-defeating beliefs are, I think they are not worth keeping and defending at the very least. They have zero value in your future success. I say this statement because I have come across people who defended their self-defeating beliefs like their lives depended on them. Horrible…

Can we get out of this self-defeating jailhouse?

Of course, we can. We put ourselves (willingly) in that jailhouse in the first place.

To get out, we just need to find the key to the lock. And that key is your AWARENESS.

Be aware of your thought patterns. Whenever that little voice in you that says, “you are not enough”, kill it IMMEDIATELY. Tell yourself you are NOT going to believe that thought any longer and replace that thought with a positive affirmation like, “I have more than enough and I deserve success at my own terms”.

This method of “thought replacement” was taught to me by my multi-millionaire mentor decades ago. He told me our brain is much like a hard disk in a computer. We need to constantly delete stuff that are not helpful and save those stuff that are helpful to us.

Being my trusted mentor, I believed every word that he said. I put his ideas into practice and my life was transformed like he said it would.

Maybe you want to put this into practice as well. Make a commitment to yourself to STOP reinforcing those self-defeating thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and actions.

It will take you some time and commitment on your side and, once you are out of your jailhouse, you will then discover that abundance and joy to a more fruitful life is just round the corner. Trust me. It works.

Thank you for reading my article.

You have my best.

Victor Ang
Founder & CEO, Victoria Rose
February 27, 2023 — Victoria Rose