Below are the 5 traits of what I think represent a good Yoga teacher. While these are my recent experiences from my visits to some Yoga studios and classes, I hope the essence of this article would help demonstrate what a good Yoga teacher is all about.

  • Good Yoga Teachers Check in With Their Students

I think this is an important trait. I feel that at the beginning of each class, a good Yoga teacher should take a moment to touch base with their students, asking them how they have been and letting them know what is to come in this class and also talks about possible injuries that may occur during the class. This will definitely ground them, set up their expectations, and bond with the Yoga teacher further knowing that she or he will be taken care of.

However, I have noticed it’s common for Yoga teachers to forget to do this and go straight into the class at hand. This is especially true where the students are regulars. It can be easy for them to take checking in for granted.

  • First to Arrive, Last to Leave

Good Yoga teachers should arrive before the students and last to leave the class after all students have gone. This trait helps the Yoga teacher to have a feel of the environment especially if the class is held outdoors in a park. The feel of the air, the touch of the grass, and the condition of the ground, etc. will help set and elevate the mood of the Yoga teacher even before the class starts.

In addition, it will also help the Yoga teacher to build relationships with those students who come early. This will give them an opportunity to be engaged, and build trusting relationship, etc. By engaging with your students and addressing their questions and needs, you will become a more successful teacher.

This trait is also applicable to you if you have a studio. Every class though in your studio should give you a different feel. No two classes are the same.

  • Command Attention of Students

Any Yoga teacher who wants to be successful must be able to command the attention of her students while teaching. The ability to command attention is a form of respect especially in a teaching situation. And to earn this respect, the Yoga teacher must be able to demonstrate all poses and moves in a manner that shows possibility and inspiring confidence in the students to follow those moves. This is the reason why I see many students would stick to their teachers because of their respect for them.

  • Good Energy and Personality

I have recently come across some Yoga teachers who were a bit low on their energy levels during class. I can see the stress on their faces. Maybe they are feeling burnt-out with teaching, maybe they are currently going through a crisis at home or at work, maybe they are facing some financial issues, etc.

We need to know that however we are feeling now, we transfer those feelings to the people around us unknowingly. Emotion is infectious. I believe students attend Yoga classes to feel uplifted and not to be infected with negative emotions from their teacher.

I believe as students, we want our teachers to be light hearted, have a sense of humor, good personality, love of Yoga, focused, calm, centered, and enthusiastic while teaching. We will learn a lot faster and better in the process.

  • Physicality and Knowledge

It is true that not all Yoga teachers have a tall and slender physicality. Appearance can be deceiving and we should not judge the physicality of the Yoga teacher by the looks only. Instead we should be looking into her understand of Yoga movement, alignment, physiology, and whether she continues practicing Yoga on her own, etc.

This is where I find trial Yoga classes to be most helpful. In these classes, would-be students can observe the teacher live in action and has the opportunity to speak with any of her students to gather feedback before you make the financial and time commitment to sign up.

These are 5 personality traits I have observed through my recent interactions with some Yoga teachers and their students. They are not exclusive and exhaustive.

But as the Founder and CEO of Victoria Rose with the Vision of empowering women to live fitter, healthier, and happier lives through Yoga and other body- weight exercises, I believe these are the 5 traits are what I look for in my teachers.

Thank you for reading this article.

You have my best.

Victor Ang
Founder & CEO, Victoria Rose
February 22, 2023 — Victoria Rose
Tags: Yoga