Recently, I was glad to have met a long-time friend of mine at a coffeeshop in Singapore.

During our conversation, he noticed that I have maintained myself well and wanted to know how I did it since he had gone through 2 heart by-pass surgeries over the last 10 years.

I told him, I practice the 50-30-20 Rule. This is also the rule that I use in my financial life (more about it later). I further that using this rule, I have lost weight, increased muscle mass, improved my Waist-to-Hip ratio, BMI, and Body Fat Percentage to the healthy range. And I achieve all these results without any diet pills, any fad dieting meals, calorie counting, and surgery to the stomach to reduce its size.

He wanted to know how for he is in the obese state.

This is what I told him.

50% refers to your diet. You are what you eat and drink. Cut down or stop consuming all sugared drinks, processed foods, fast foods, beers, cigarettes. These are the main culprits of an unhealthy heart and a shortened lifespan. They take away more life out of you than they put in.

Instead drink more plain water and carry a bottle of plain water with you wherever you go. Eat more fibrous foods and whole fruits. They will help you in your digestion system and waste elimination daily. With improved digestion and elimination, you will feel lighter and cleaner on the inside. Eat your meals in smaller portions. Say no to Upsizing when asked. Always ask for the smaller size.

30% refers to your lifestyle. Most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle now that our forefathers. Instead of going to buy food, we have them delivered to our doorsteps. Instead of walking to our neighborhood schools, we take the feeder bus services or the PMD. Instead of going out to the park for a walk after dinner, we sit in front of the TV watching K-Drama on Netflix smoking a cigarette and a beer in hand.

With our lifestyle as described above, no one can ever get healthy. No way.

20% refers to MOVING YOUR BODY to get healthy. We are built to MOVE. Our body is like a piece of equipment. If not used, it starts to rust, rot, and finally breaks down forever. Some forms of movement exercise will be a good start if you have not been exercising over the last 3 months. Be it Yoga (our expertise), Pilates, swimming, walking the hills, etc. Any form of exercise is better than no exercise at all.

There, you have it. My 50-30-20 Rule for health and wellness.

As mentioned, this is the same rule I apply in my financial life. 50% of my monthly income is used for further savings and investment. 30% of my monthly income is used for household expenditures. And the last 20% of my monthly income is kept aside for my travels and holidays.

I hope this article with my Rule will add value to your life, financial and health wise.

You have my best.

Victor Ang

Founder & CEO, Victoria Rose

July 04, 2024 — Victoria Rose