What sustains life?

Did you ever ask yourself that question before?

Was your answer money? Most people would give money as the answer.

I think not.

While money is important, it is not all that sustain life.

A tree, an ocean, and a flower, they do not need your money to grow and sustain themselves.

They just need your love. Yes. in my opinion, love sustains life.

Money is just a tool that is dead to the world. It has no feeling, emotions, and is not capable of love.

Many said to me that we need money to express our love for someone. While this is true and I do not dispute that, again, I think we have overrated money.

Frankly, if you need to give money for love, then that is not love but a transaction.

No, you do not need more money in life. You do need more love in your life.
March 25, 2024 — Victoria Rose