Why do you want to live mindfully?

This word "mindful" I think has been overused recently and has lost its meaning.

So what does it mean to "live mindfully?"

To me, it means to be in one place, one thought, and one mind.

When you are one with yourself and your environment, you are in a state of mindfulness.

However, it is never easy to be one with yourself 24/7. Our lifestyle has become so hectic, that all of us are just rushing to get to somewhere. We are stressed 24/7 most of the days.

So, how to be mindful? Seems impossible.

Staying mindful in a frantic world is STILL possible. In fact, it is DOABLE if you allow yourself to do so. It is a choice that you can make.

The key word here is "Allow".

Most of the time, we allow ourself to be distracted by things around us and by what others might say about us.

We are just too concerned with the outer environment than with the inner environment.

We give too much attention to the outer world that we have forgotten to attend to our inner world.

Because of the external orientation, we can never achieve mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about within. It is about getting in touch with your inner self.

When you are mindful inside, you are mindful outside.
March 25, 2024 — Victoria Rose